“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  

- 2 Timothy 4:7


If there is anything 20 year old singer-songwriter Victoria Barral has learned throughout her 14 year musical journey, it’s perseverance and trusting God. Good things and good music come to those who wait. Developing your craft and artistry takes a great deal of time and energy, but there is joy in the journey. 


Victoria has had a passion for music for as long as she could remember, and at 3 years old, her parents would tell her to stop whistling and singing in the house, because she wouldn’t focus on basic things. When Victoria was 7, she started playing piano and writing songs. Victoria is motivated and passionate, and music is the thing that drives her - she knows without doubt that God created her to make music. Victoria grew up listening to Andrea Bocelli and a lot of classical music, although in her family, Victoria and her father were the only musical ones. Victoria started singing at a young age and at age 7, also started taking piano lessons and getting serious about classical music.


Aside from learning classical music, beginning around age 8, Victoria started to hear different melodies in her dreams and began songwriting to capture those elusive tones. Victoria wrote several songs in her childhood and developed harmony and melodies quickly. This is when she realized she wasn’t only limited to playing classical music and had other gifts she could share including leading worship in church. Eventually, Victoria began competing in piano competitions and was inspired to practice by the thought of performing in Carnegie Hall. At age 13, after a lot of hard work, her dream came true and she had her first debut at Carnegie Hall; and played there again several years later. Victoria has had the privilege of being able to do versatile things including being the accompanist for her high school choir, and before her junior year having the opportunity to go to a summer music intensive program which had masterclasses, challenging courses, and was mentored by some of the most brilliant musicians in the world. Her experiences in the Music Intensive Program helped her prepare for college - the next phase of her musical journey.


Without knowing too much about the school, Victoria auditioned and was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston. While at Berklee, Victoria’s artistry grew and she evolved from a concert pianist to a singer-songwriter, producer and piano teacher. Currently, Victoria is striving to write music primarily in the pop and R&B genre for herself as an artist but also for other people. To date, she has released a few singles, but is currently working on her debut studio album. The recent pandemic has made it easier for her to be more creative and write more and more everyday. Victoria’s vision as an artist is to write about meaningful and real world and societal problems. Victoria wants to stay away from the norm and write music that resonates and helps people. More than anything, she hopes her music glorifies God and sends a good message of hope. 


Victoria is currrently finishing up her senior year at Berklee College of Music studying Professional Music with Concentrations in Songwriting and Composition.She hopes to one day be able to pursue music full time, being a songwriter and producer.

“We have this hope as an anchor for our soul firm and secure…” Hebrews 6:19